The weird, violent and educational world of Russian Netflix

In the article, ‘The weird, violent and educational world of Russian Netflix’ (Wired, 29/01/2019), Gian Volpicelli explains that, in comparison with YouTube and other online video platforms, Netflix has a large collection of Russian films with Russian and English subtitles. He goes on to explain how he uses these in... [Read More]
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Are You Lost In The World Like Me?

This song and video, by the amazing artist Moby, is great to watch and listen to. But not only that: the video conveys a chilling message about human attachment to and uses of the mobile phone. The people in this video animation are blind to the suffering of a young... [Read More]
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I'm not a robot

Why are we asked to prove we are not robots? [Read More]
Tags: artifical intelligence, machine learning, CAPTCHA

Chatbot or Human?

Can you tell whether you are talking to a human or a chatbot? [Read More]
Tags: artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction